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Stack Discounts — Best Discount Codes App on Shopify

In 1887, the American Coca-Cola company launched its first ever soda can. A few months after doing so, Coca-Cola launched the first recorded coupon in history. The executives perhaps didn’t know that they unleashed one of the most powerful sales tools ever. Almost 130 years later, no one can deny the importance of discounts and coupons for any online store out there.

In the high volume of e-commerce shops, any business will think of new and innovative ways to stand out. Promotions work so well for the customer acquisition process, and it is true that there are businesses who rely heavily on their promotional programs, but what if there is a way to take it up a notch by allowing customers to enter multiple discounts at once when they are making that sweet purchase on your store?

Stack Discounts is an app on Shopify that can help your customers to add multiple discount codes on a single order and combine them into 1 coupon at checkout. For example, you can give the customer a monetary value discount ($10 off) and a percentage discount (5% off) when they are ready to purchase.

A study by The Economist has proven that consumers prefer it when you give them a 20% discount on top of a 20% discount, instead of a single 40% discount. Even though the discount will be the same, but it is the psychological aspect that plays on the mind of the buyer and convinces them into thinking that a 2x discount on something is better than just 1x.

Stack Discounts also offer real-time discount calculation that will likely increase your conversion rate by letting customers know how much they will save already before going to checkout. This saves the customer’s time, creates a sense of urgency, and lessens the risk of them going to another brand because you already built trust by being transparent from the get-go.

Happy customers are spending customers. When the people on your store are more relaxed, they’re more likely to find your products appealing.

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