Your Definitive Guide to Referral Marketing in 2021!

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Stack Discounts — Best Discount Codes App on Shopify

In 1887, the American Coca-Cola company launched its first ever soda can. A few months after doing so, Coca-Cola launched the first recorded coupon in history. The executives perhaps didn’t know that they unleashed one of the most powerful sales tools ever. Almost 130 years later, no one can deny the importance of discounts and […]

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How to Use Video in Your Referral Marketing Strategy

Online video is perhaps one of the most consistently innovating mediums of communication humans came up with. It goes way back to the early 90s when Internet’s first live streaming concert took place in 1993 and later that decade when ActiveMovie made video streaming a thing in 1995. Cut to 2021, now online video has […]

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How to Select an Ecommerce Platform for Your Business

When Jeff Bezos launched in the summer of 1995, no one at the time, including Bezos himself, had the faintest idea that Amazon will become the retail market-dominant and ultra-powerful monopoly it is now. And with the rise of ecommerce over the past 10 years, and after seeing the ramifications left by the COVID-19 […]

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