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CreditsYard ‑ Store Credit

CreditsYard ‑ Store Credit

Convert returns into revenue by using store credits as a refund option. Keep money in the store when refunding and thank customers for shopping in your store with credit to build their loyalty.

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Meet a new way to keep funds in store

Store credit is a virtual currency that allows merchants to handle returns without actually paying back real money.
Now returns don’t have to be lost revenue, but instead a potential for future sales. Encourage shoppers to return to your store with their credit in tow.

Apply Store Credits

Let customers decide how many store credits they want to spend. Users can enter a precise number of credits to apply for each purchase. This way, shoppers will have the flexibility to spread credit applications into several purchases, thus growing the average order value and the total number of sales in your store.

Turn refunds into sales

With Store Credits, you can turn refunds into a new sales opportunity. When giving a refund to a user, you can:

Manage customers’ store credits with ease

Access Balance History of any customer to make swift changes. Track changes your admins made in the Action column. Prevent wrongful store credits operations by leaving comments that relay the context of why store credits were deducted or added, keeping both shop staff and the customer informed.

App key features​

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