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Stack Discounts – Shopify

Stack Discounts

Make it easy for your customers to redeem their discount by adding a discount field to the cart page and offer them the ability to add multiple discount codes at one order.

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Add discount field on cart page and/or drawer

The inability to find the discount code box in cart may increase a cart abandonment rate. This app helps your customers to apply a discount code in cart.
Customers will be able to apply a code directly in your cart and see their savings. This small improvement will increase customer satisfaction and improve user experience, which will lower the cart abandonment rate and generate greater sales in your store.

Stack multiple discounts on one order

Allow your customers to add multiple discount codes at one order and combine them into one discount at checkout. Example: $10 off winter sale and 5% off at one order

Increase conversion rate

Increase your conversion rate by letting customers know how much they will save already before going to checkout by adding a discount field to the cart page.


Run multiple promotions at once by automatically apply discounts codes to customer's cart.
Shopify discount rules apply i.e. minimum quantity, minimum order value, entitled products and collections.

App key features​

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